Foot Mobilisation Therapy


Do you suffer with foot ankle or lower limb pain?

Have you tried many treatments, but no relief or improved outcome?

Are you relying on pain relief or medications?

DO YOU WANT TO STAY ACTIVE! Then Foot Mobilisation Therapy maybe the answer for you!

What Is FMT?

Foot mobilisation is a specilaised manual therapy which focuses on improving the range of motion and movement in your foot.

Each joint in your foot carries a significant importance whilst walking. if a joint does not have the correct range of movement the foot will compensate causing pain in an area.

So how does it work? 
Here at Morton's Podiatry we have a fully qualified podiatrist who specialises in the treatment of lower limb problems.

How long does it take? 
Each session will roughly take 20 - 30 mins. The no. of sessions required depends on the individual.

Can i claim back on my insurance? 
It depends on your health cover plan. Most insurance companies would cover podiatry.

When should i see results? 
It depends on the issue. Most patients will see a difference after 1 session.

What does it treat? 
Painful big toe joints, heel pain, fore foot pain, muscle pain, ankle pain, digital pain, tendonpathy!

CALL US TODAY to arrange a treatment plan for you!

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