Diabetic Foot Care Sheet


Diabetes has become an increasingly common medical condition in today’s society. Diabetes Ireland estimates that there are currently 225,840 people living with diabetes in Ireland. This number is predicted to increase to as many as 233,000 people by year 2020.


Podiatrists observe many complications in the feet, ranging from dry skin, to ulcerations and infections that can lead to amputations if left untreated. Working closely with your Podiatrist and availing of regular foot checks and treatments as well as caring for your feet at home have been shown to provide better outcomes.


What can you do to ensure continuing health of your feet?

  • Controlled blood sugar

  • Check blood sugar daily and keep a log

  • Discuss your control with your Primary care doctor or Endocrinologist

  • Check the feet twice daily

  • Check in the morning and evening.

  • Look for wounds, blisters, areas of redness, bruising, loose nails or calluses

  • Use a mirror to help see the bottom of the feet or in between the toes

  • Never soak in hot water or baths as people with diabetes can have poor sensation in the feet and cannot tell if water is too hot

  • Dry the feet well in-between the toes

  • Use an oil-free moisturizer for the feet - Recommend Eucerine cream or Amlactin cream

  • No barefoot walking

  • While at home be sure to wear a pair of shoes. This will protect the feet from splinters, glass, stubbing the toe, and injuries that frequently happen in the home

  • Socks, slippers and flip flops are not enough to protect your feet

  • Always wear comfortable socks when wearing shoes

  • Avoid  prominent seams

  • White socks are easier to see drainage- this can alert you to sores and blisters

  • Socks should not be tight- there should not be marks left from wearing socks left on the leg.

  • Be your own advocate

  • Read about Diabetes and lifestyle changes you can make

  • Write down questions for your doctors and bring to appointments

  • Join local support groups and Diabetes Ireland for more information.


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